Desktop drilliing machine DK-908

Desktop drilliing machine DK-908

  • Working Fluid Supply Device Electrical Plunger Pump
  • Maximum Working Fluid Pressure 7 Mpa
  • Rotating Head (C-axis) Speed 0~500 adjustable r/pm
  • Maximum Input Voltage 3*AC380/50 V/HZ
  • Digtal Display Mode Two-axis
  • Electrode Diameter(mm) 0.3-3
  • Spindle(Z-axis) Maximum Speed 750 mm/min
  • Maximum Input Power 3.3 KVA
  • Maximum Working Current 30A


Desktop Small Hole Drilling Machine DK-908, 0.3mm-3mm

DK-908 type EDM Hole Drilling machine uses Ф0.3~3.0mm copper tube electrode. Its working principle is to 

use the thin metal copper tube (called electrode wire) moving up and down vertically to erode metal by spark 


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