• The display of new upgraded oil-water separator SUN-01 for lathe use
    Post time: 08-06-2018

    This is our new upgraded oil water separator SUN-01 for lathe use, with upgraded and new patented separation pump, and no longer fear the interference of iron chips. Upgraded dual-use oil suction port, which can be fixed and can float. It can be used when the depth of cutting fluid is more than ...Read more »

  • 8 sets of Portable EDM will be Delivered to our Russia Warehouse Today
    Post time: 12-18-2017

    8 sets of portable EDM will be delivered to our Russia warehouse today. 4 sets of SFX-4000B (3000W) and 4 sets of EDM-8C (800W). Before we deliver our machines, we will retest our machines to make sure there is nothing wrong with them.  Read more »

  • Removing Broken Tap Within Petrol Engine Cylinder Block
    Post time: 02-26-2016

    Case: Broken Tap Removal Within Petrol Engine Cylinder Block. Processing Date: 26th, Jan., 2016   Customer: Luoyang Gucheng Machinery Co.,Ltd.   Broken Tooling: Tap M8   Processing Material: Petrol Engine Cylinder Block   Machine Model: SFX-4000B Broken Tap...Read more »

  • Removing Broken Bolt Sized M48
    Post time: 02-02-2016

    Case: M48 Broken Tap Removal With High Power Portable EDM Machine Within Pneumatic Control Valve. Processing Date: 17th, Nov., 2014. Customer: Tangshan Realm Industry and Commerce Co.,Ltd Check the below photos to know the methods of removing broken bolt with portable EDM machine. Read more »

  • Process Small Holes on wheel Gear
    Post time: 01-22-2016

    Case: Processing Small Holes on Wheel Gear on  25th, Mar., 2015.  Processing Enterprise:  YTO Group Corporation. We were  invited to help process holes on wheel gear for YTO Group Corporation, who is mechanical manufacturing enterprise producing tractor, rode roller etc.. The Blue Marked Spot was...Read more »

  • Removing Broken Carbide Drill
    Post time: 01-16-2016

     Our customer, Jiangling Motors Group Co.,Ltd, who is in the business of producing cars, always confronted some problems of broken drill bit. They sent us a piece of workpiece on 5th, Nov.,2015. Broken Carbide Drill Bit: Diameter 10mm, Depth 60mm. In processing, we keep the water flush all the t...Read more »

  • Removing Broken Tap Within Motor Engine Block
    Post time: 01-15-2016

    Case of Broken Tap Removal Within Motor Engine Block. As shown below that Portable EDM Machine (Broken Tap Remover) disintegrated  broken tap from motor engine block with zero damage to the thread. Use Ordinary Tap Water as Dielectric Fluid. Use Suitable Brass Rod as Electrode. The Machine Beg...Read more »