EDM Drilling Machine MB-2000C

EDM Drilling Machine MB-2000C

  • Rough Weight (kg) 75
  • Input Power (W) 1500
  • Maximum Processing Depth (mm) 300(Φ1)
  • Machine Size(mm) L540×W275×H500(22kg)
  • Water Pump Size(mm) L600×W300×H460(20kg)
  • Power Box Input Voltage (V) AC220V 50Hz
  • Electrode Diameter(mm) 0.3-3
  • Manual Travel (mm) 300


The MB-2000C EDM punching machine utilizes the principle of electric erosion to melt and corrode the metal section by generating electric sparks to achieve the purpose of perforating on the metal workpiece.The device using brass electrode tube as a tool electrode,using high-pressure water to cool and slag the processing point and it can process a deep hole between Φ0.5 and Φ3.0 mm on a metal workpiece of any size and shape.It can also be used to remove the broken drills, taps, etc., without damaging the original hole threads.

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