After-sales Service

The warranty period for Broken Tap Remover is around one year and within this time frame, if there are any technical problems, we would repair them for free including the new parts that needed for the repair.

Being a responsible company, Xincheng company always adheres to the principle “being honest to win trust, shaping personality to deal with affairs.”

Case 1

In Jan. 2015, Australia customer David bought a portable EDM machine broken tap remover SFX-4000 from Xincheng company. Two months later, sales representative Jane got feedback from David that the machine couldn’t work properly.

In order to learn the condition of the machine clearly, Jane asked David to shoot a video of the working scene. Judged from the video shot by David, something was wrong with the black box, an important part of the machine. Jane tried her best to help solve the problem.

For solving the problem, Jane got several videos about how to repair the machine. But as there are barriers caused by languages and David is not a professional technician, David still couldn’t fix it. Jane reported the situation to Xincheng company’s CEO, Max Ding. Mr Ding said:”There are indeed some companies in China who produce bad quality products, which greatly harms the image of Chinese products. But we are too shamed to act like them. We make a promise in the Warranty Polices, and we will fulfill our promise. We will send a new machine to David.”

So in March 2015, a new machine SFX-4000 was delivered to David. After receiving the new machine, David tested it. It proved that the new SFX-4000 worked perfectly. Jane expressed sorry on behalf of Xincheng company and told David to feel free to contact her if something is wrong with the machine in the future. David was satisfied with the whole after-sale service and expressed his thanks to Xincheng company. Since then, Jane communicated with David for several times with email and learned the machine works perfectly.

Case 2

In May 2015, Korean customer MIDAS bought a portable EDM machine broken tap remover SFX-4000 from Xincheng company. Within 8 months, there was nothing wrong with the machine utilization.

On 20th Jan. 2016, sales representative Mr Yao got feedback from the Korean customer that the machine couldn’t work properly. Mr Yao actively communicated with the customer to learn more about the condition of the machine and offered many solving methods for the customer’s reference. But all the methods failed, Xincheng company’s CEO said:” Just do as we dealt with the Australia customer’s after-sale problem. As long as the machine can’t be fixed because of technical problem within one year, we will send a new machine to the customer as we promised in the Warranty Polices. Our company is a responsible company and we insist that customer’s benefit comes first.”

After good discussion with each other, on 22th Jan. 2016, Xincheng company sent a new machine SFX-4000B (updated based on SFX-4000, with better performance) to Korean customer, and the Korean customer sent the old SFX-4000 to the dealer in Bucheon, Korea. Both the shipping were paid by Xincheng company. Four days later, the new machine SFX-4000B reached the Korean customer and was tested. It proved that SFX-4000B work perfectly. And the customer was very satisfied and thankful.

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