SUN-02 Upgraded Coolant Tank Purifier Oil Water Separator CNC Oil Skimmer
The Oil water separator SUN-02 is designed to separate oil from cutting fluid for CNC lathe. It is suitable for small and medium-size CNC machine center, CNC lathe and other equipment.

SUN-02 Upgraded Coolant Tank Purifier Oil Water Separator CNC Oil Skimmer

  • Input Voltage AC110/220V 50/60 Hz
  • Input Power 25W
  • Revolving Speed of Pump Power 0-90rpm Stepless adjustable
  • Scrapper Dia. 110mm
  • Max. Flow Rate 180L/h
  • Timing Range 0-99h
  • Filter Hole Size Φ3mm
  • Oil Tank Capacity 8.7L
  • Operating Temperature 0℃ --45℃
  • Overall Dimensions 600 * 350 * 580mm
  • Net Weight 32.8Kg


SUN-02 Upgraded Coolant Tank Purifier Oil Water Separator CNC Oil Skimmer

Working Principle

  • Floating oil, cutting fluid and impurities are absorbed by theadsorption device and delivered to oil-water separator, and the scraperseparates floating oil with the principle of oil-water proportion separation.The clean cutting fluid has been processed will be re-transported into thecutting fluid tank;

  • The adsorption device using the principle of internal and external liquidsurface buoyancy difference, the suction port always follow the oil level changes, greatly improving the surface oil absorptionrate.


  • Independently design the floating inlet position floating oil layer,applicable to adsorb the floating oil in the surface of cutting fluid; Adopt 3-stage filtering system, make sure the filtering thoroughly.

  • Small Size, Caster Move, One for Multiple Machine Tools.

  • Auto control, could set clock within 24 hours to realize the unattendedoperation in the auto model.

  • DC motor low consumption, stable and reliable operation.

  • No consumables; Purely physical separation methods, no secondarypollution

  • Input liquid sensor, alarm when oil is full

  • Oil scraper motor is stepless

Technical Parameter

  • Input Voltage: AC220V/110V,50/60Hz

  • Input Power: 20W

  • Operating Speed: 0-90rpm/Stepless adjustable

  • Working Period Setting:16 periods per day

  • Timing Range:0 -99 hours

  • Oil Tank Capacity: 8.7L

  • Scrapper Diameter: 110mm

  • Max.Flow Rate: 180L/h

  • Operating Temperature: 0℃-45℃

  • Overrall Dimension: 600*350*580mm

  • Net Weight: 32.8 Kg

  • Gross Weight: 45 Kg