Removing Broken Carbide Drill

 Our customer, Jiangling Motors Group Co.,Ltd, who is in the business of producing cars, always confronted some problems of broken drill bit. They sent us a piece of workpiece on 5th, Nov.,2015.

Broken Carbide Drill Bit: Diameter 10mm, Depth 60mm.

Broken Drill

In processing, we keep the water flush all the time. The hole is deep and the water cannot be flushed quickly from inner hole, so the processing time is a little longer.

Broken Carbon Drill Removal

Through several hours’ great effort, by the aid of automatic Portable EDM Machine, and our technicist hard-working,  finally we remove the carbide drill in the depth of 60mm suuccessfully and without damage to the thread.


Post time: 01-16-2016