Chegada Nova Modelo EDM-2000B Novo modelo de SFX Brand.


  • Itens EDM-2000B
  • Tensão de entrada (V) AC220V / 50Hz 110V
  • Voltagem de saída (V) DC 75-80V
  • Diâmetro do eletrodo (mm) 0.8-10
  • Viagem Max da cabeça do trabalho (mm) 70
  • Processamento Max Velocidade (mm / min) 1.5
  • Tamanho da máquina (L * W * H mm) 420 * 220 * 370
  • Cabeça de trabalho Tamanho (L * W * H mm) DK8 300 * 50 * 50
  • Peso Líquido (Kg) 19


EDM-2000B Portable EDM Broken Tap Remover (Depth Setting)


1. Input power 2000W  

2. Light, small, portable, and compact design allows the EDM-2000B removedor de torneira to be moved and used anywhere in the shop.

3. High speed and efficiency at a low cost.

4. Simple set up and operation allows easy removal of taps anywhere.

5. Power source choices 110V/220V,50/60Hz

6. Dielectric Machine uses ordinary tap water as dielectric liquid.

7. Electrodes Uses any brass rod or tube as an electrode.(ø1,ø2,ø3,ø4,ø5,ø6,ø8,ø9,ø10)

8. Small size and magnetic base allow machining even on large work pieces.

9. Removes taps with no damage or stress to the work piece.

10. Additional applications include cutting tungsten carbide or any other conductive material 

Machining Functions:

1. Auto Feed

2. Depth setting (stops at a specific depth)

3. Selectable arcing timer

4. Auto retract

5. Swiveling work head

6. Alarm messages: depth arrival, arcing, over-temp.

7. Manual Up& Down for Positioning.

8. One-key Start&Stop