The display of new upgraded oil-water separator SUN-01 for lathe use

This is our new upgraded oil water separator SUN-01 for lathe use, with upgraded and new patented separation pump, and no longer fear the interference of iron chips. Upgraded dual-use oil suction port, which can be fixed and can float. It can be used when the depth of cutting fluid is more than 6 cm.  500ml of waste oil is poured into the cutting fluid tank, and the waste oil spreads on the surface of the cutting fluid quickly. Turn on the switch button and adjust the speed control knob. The upgraded oil suction port can locate the oil slick layer accurately, more efficient. The oil-water mixture is sucked into the front tank, after be separated in the front tank, the waste oil flows into the middle tank; After standing in the middle tank to achieve secondary separation of oil and water, the surface oil flows into the oil tank. The capacity of the oil tank is about four liters, when it’s full, the machine will automatically remind you to exclude the oil. Open the oil output valve, and 500ml of waste oil that has just been poured has been completely separated. This product only need run one hour everyday, only need be disposed once a week, only 1 kWh each month, now there have Wechat live broadcast, more pre-sale questions and product introductions.

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Post time: 08-06-2018