• Complete Collection of Broken Bolt Removal Method 2019
    Post time: 09-26-2019

    Complete Collection of Broken Bolt Removal Method 2019 For vast majority of the mechanical industry compatriots, it will be very lucky if you see this article! Because you may have encountered with broken bolts or taps in the work-piece. Here we collect some very practical methods for you. 1. B...Read more »

  • Maintenance-free SUN-01 Oil Water Separator Working Principle
    Post time: 09-21-2019

    Maintenance-free Oil-water Separator Working Principle Oil-water separation technology is of great significance in all kinds of waste-water treatment processes. A well-designed oil-water separator can save costs of operation and maintenance for decades in future. Studies have shown that when the ...Read more »

  • Cutting Fluid Daily Maintenance Tips(2)
    Post time: 09-11-2019

    Cutting Fluid Daily Maintenance Tips(2) 4. Regularly clean the metal slag and sludge at the bottom of the cutting fluid tank. Types of metal slag for various machine tools are different, such as iron filings, aluminum filings, grinding debris, fine gravel powder, etc., and excessive accumulatio...Read more »

  • EMO Hannover (16th-21st Sep. 2019)
    Post time: 09-09-2019

    EMO Hannover (16th-21st Sep. 2019)   EMO is the world's leading professional exhibition of mechanical manufacturing technology. It covers the whole process of metal processing such as machine tools, tools, mold manufacturing, software, surface treatment, accessories, waste processing ...Read more »

  • Cutting Fluid Daily Maintenance Tips(1)
    Post time: 09-05-2019

    Cutting Fluid Daily Maintenance Tips(1) "Seven Points Usage for Three Points of Product". We should make full use of product to achieve better economic benefits despite the product is quality. If the workshop’s front-line production personnel possess of good basic knowledge ...Read more »

  • Selection of Electrode Material and Working Fluid (Dielectric)
    Post time: 09-05-2019

     Selection of Electrode Material and Working Fluid (Dielectric) The electrode is used as electrical discharge machining material. Those materials with good electrical conductivity, high melting point, easy processing and electrical corrosion resistance are often used, such as copper, graphit...Read more »

  • CNC Machining-Environmental Protection First
    Post time: 08-28-2019

    CNC Machining-Environmental Protection First As we all know, energy conservation and environmental protection are great concerns to all countries. Europe, United States, Japan and China, etc all have corresponding green environmental protection planning requirements, and the machine tool indust...Read more »

  • What is EDM?-The Principle of Electric Discharge Machining.
    Post time: 08-20-2019

    The principle of electric discharge machining. When using EDM, the electrode and the work piece are respectively connected to the two poles of the pulse power source and immersed in the working fluid. The servo feed system will control the feed of electrode accurately and automatically, when the...Read more »