Chip/sludge removal weapon – machine tool tank chip/sludge removal machine

Strong! Chip/sludge removal weapon

Machine tool tank chip/sludge removal machine

During the use of CNC machine tools, various metal chips, powder, sludge will gradually accumulate in the water tank of the machine. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the volume of the water tank will become smaller, and the cutting fluid will not be fully utilized and recycled. This causes the pipes to become clogged and the pumps and parts to be scrapped.

Usually, after the workshop worker pulls out the water tank, he uses metal shovel or iron shovel to manually clean the chips/sludge and other impurities in the water tank. This is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also the machine tool needs to be shut down, resulting in reduced productivity.

If it is hot in the hot summer or cold winter, manual cleaning will be even worse!

For this kind of problem, let us introduce a chip/sludge removal weapon on the market!

Knock on the blackboard! Watch carefully! Suitable for all kinds of water tanks in machining centers, CNC machine tools, engineering equipment and grinding machines can also be used! It can quickly and easily clean the metal debris and sludge in the water tank,saving time and efforts! 

Simply insert the inlet and outlet pipes into the water tank and open the machine pull switch. The chip/sludge removal machine first draws the cutting fluid in the water tank into the filter drum, and after circulating and filtering, it is discharged back into the water tank to quickly remove the iron filings in the water tank. After cleaning, the iron scraps in the inner bucket can be dumped, no need for machine stop, convenient and quick.

Post time: 11-07-2019