Selection of Electrode Material and Working Fluid (Dielectric)

 Selection of Electrode Material and Working Fluid (Dielectric)

The electrode is used as electrical discharge machining material. Those materials with good electrical conductivity, high melting point, easy processing and electrical corrosion resistance are often used, such as copper, graphite, copper tungsten alloy, etc. In the daily work to remove broken tools such as taps, brass is preferred as it is economical and good performance.


The working fluid acts as a discharge medium. During the processing, the working liquid has the function of cooling and chip removal. Therefore, dielectric with low viscosity, high flash point and stable performance is often used, such as kerosene, purified water, etc. For aluminum parts, kerosene can be used as working liquid to prevent oxidation of the aluminum parts. For the iron, steel and other work pieces, clean tap water is OK.


Post time: 09-05-2019