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Cutting fluid is the essential necessity of work-pieces processing when using machine tool. The cutting fluid mixing with impurities and oil slick would directly affect processing quality, cutting tools life and occupational health. In the process of machining, the cutting fluid will be mixed with a lot of other oiliness. The oil floating on the surface of cutting fluid can greatly proceed the proliferation of microorganisms, speed up the deterioration of cutting fluid and shorten the service life of cutting fluid. Microbial propagation in the emulsion is alarming. When the emulsion bacterial contents are above 106 / ML, the emulsion would go bad, thus contaminate environment, affect the health of workers. Removing the floating oil from cutting fluid in time can keep emulsion clean and also minimize the breeding of bacteria.

SUN-01 oil water separator independently researched and developed by our company is applicable to various types of machining centers, CNC machines etc. The product can separate floating oil from cutting fluid, thus greatly extend the service life of cutting fluid. Meanwhile, the service life span of cutting tools could be prolonged, so as to ensure machining accuracy, guarantee work environment and staff health.


1. Independently design the floating oil suction inlet which is used to position floating oil layer. There are two kinds of oil suction inlets for shallow liquid and deep liquid respectively, suitable for the absorption of oil slick of different depths cutting fluids.

2. Small size, light weight, easy to operate, can be used in fluid tanks of various machine tools . 

3. Auto control, could set clock within 24 hours to realize the unattended operation in the auto model. 

4. 16 periods for Oil absorption can be set according to the year, the month and the day, precise to minutes.

5. Power of AC220V/110V, directly use when plugged.

6. DC motor low consumption, stable and reliable operation, the machine can even realize maintenance-free.

7. Pure physical separation, three-stages filtration to realize thorough separation, no secondary pollution.

8. Built-in liquid level sensor, alarm when oil is full. 

9. Oil scraper speed is step-less.

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Post time: 08-06-2018