Don’t wait till the last minute you do have broken tap to remove!

Save for a rainy day. Please keep a broken tap remover for the possible broken taps. Once you have broken taps, broken tap remover will help you fast remove them from work pieces without damage to the thread. No more headache!

In February 2016, there is a client Jonathan from UK sent us an inquiry about our broken tap remover. He showed great interest in our machine. But at that time he didn’t have broken tap problem, so he was not very eager to buy the machine. In April 2016, Jonathan suddenly came back to us and ordered the machine urgently. The fact was that he did encounter a broken tap sized M18 in a large work piece weighing 2 tons and they had tried many ways but still couldn’t remove the broken tap. So he wanted badly our portable broken tap remover to solve his problem. But it was overseas.The machine couldn’t get to him at once. Finally we chose the most short-time express and delivered the machine asap. It was fortunate that the machine got there on time and worked properly for him. “After your machine arrived, it only took me two hours to remove the broken tap. I should have purchased it earlier.” Said Jonathan.

Please don’t wait till the last minute you do have broken tap to remove! Plan ahead. The broken tap remover is the ultimate solution for you to remove broken taps. Our clients are finding great value in our machine. It is recommended that keep a broken tap remover in case of emergency, especially for large work pieces. If you have any questions about the machine, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Post time: 06-14-2016