The cost-effective choice for the broken tap or broken bolt sized M2-M30. You are welcome to ask us a quotation about broken tap or broken bolt questions.


  • Items EDM-8C
  • Input Voltage (V) AC220V/110V 50Hz
  • Input Power (W) 800W
  • Output Voltage (V) DC 75-80V
  • Electrode Diameter (mm) 1-10
  • Max Travel of Work head(mm) 70
  • Max Processing Speed (mm/min) 1mm/min
  • Machine Size (L*W*H mm) 380*160*300
  • Work Head Size (L*W*H mm) DK8 300*50*50
  • Net Weight (Kg) 16

This video tells you how to remove broken taps, bolts by portable edm machine.

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Portable EDM Broken Tap Remover

Portable EDM innovated by Xincheng Precision can fast remove broken taps, drill, drift, screw, plug gauge, etc., without damaging to the work piece, easily process on work pieces at any size, especially for large one.

Function and Features

1. Portable edm broken tap remover abide by the principle of  Spark Erosion to remove broken tools, no direct contact, thus, no external force and damage to the work piece;

2. Excellent Structure: Portable edm is convenient to carry due to small size and light weight, and shows its special superiority for large work pieces. Working head is separated from the machine and could rotate in any direction, which is helpful for complex machining;

3. Portability: Light weight; Small size; Carrying handle on the top of the power case;

4. Convenient Operation: The magnetic base could attract on work pieces to finish processing easily;

5. Vibrate work head: Vibrate of the electrode, greatly improved the processing efficiency;  

6. Automation: Auto feed; Depth setting(Stop at a specific depth); Alarm and auto retract;           

7. Economical and Convenient: The working liquid is ordinary tap water; power consumption is moderate; the inlet pipe is detachable;

8. Wide Processing Range: Broken taps and drills (conductive material) above Ø2mm (Ø2mm is included);

9. Long Working Time: A cooling fan installed ensures the ventilation, which keeps the machine working continuously.

Portable EDM Broken Tap Remover Cases

Using Skills

Short Hole Machining Speed

Other Application:

Start Hole for wire cut EDM which do not need the precision.

Cutting tungsten carbide or any harden steel.