SUN-100-Reliable Packaging! Reliable People!

Reliable Packaging! Reliable People! SUN-100

  • No matter in which era, "reliable" is a very precious quality! Being reliable can let people around you trust,and reliable products can make customers trust as in the past; as the day goes by, The more reliable you are, the more rewarding you will be!

  • For an industrial product, besides the excellent quality itself, the packaging can also keep improving! In order to make the machine intact during long-distance transportation and give customers a better product experience, it is necessary to give the machine strong protection!

  • Take machine tool water tank chip/sludge removal machine as an example, first of all, we use wooden pallets as a support to make sure the water tank chip/sludge removal machine have a solid platform during transportation; secondly, to avoid the water tank chip/sludge removal machine shaking back and forth, we add metal fixed corners to the four casters to fix it, so that it can effectively prevent the chip/sludge removal machine from running around in the box!

  • For the vulnerable parts of the chip/sludge removal machine, in order to prevent damage caused by accidental drop, a "protective cover" is specially designed to protect the external parts.

  • For long-distance transportation by sea, land, or even in harsh environments such as moist and sun, in order to prevent the parts from rusting, we have specially prepared a "moisture-proof coat" for the water tank chip/sludge removal machine, provide the machine protection during the trek.

  • What's more: in order to test the impact of bumps and vibrations during transportation and ensure that the components of the water tank chip/sludge removal machine are installed firmly, we also made a vibration simulation platform for the test of machine,and strengthen weak areas!

  • The packaging is still like this, and the product is a hundred times more elaborate,this is the so-called “Craftmanship”.

Luoyang Xincheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

 November 29, 2019

Post time: 12-06-2019