X,Y,Z 3-Axis CNC EDM Driller Bentchtop EDM Drilling Machine Φ0.3-3mm

X,Y,Z 3-Axis CNC EDM Driller Bentchtop EDM Drilling Machine Φ0.3-3mm

  • Power supply 3-phase 380V/240V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz±10%
  • Input Max. Power 4500W
  • CNC Axis X,Y,Z 3-axis
  • Max. Processing Current 30A
  • Processing Speed 30-60mm/min
  • Optimum Surface Thickness ≤RA1.8
  • Electrode Holder Dia. Φ0.3-3mm
  • Z-axis Servo Feeding Travel 380mm
  • W-axis Spindle Travel 280mm
  • Table Size 550*400mm
  • X*Y Axis Travel 450*350mm
  • Workbentch Bearing 380Kg
  • Overrall Dimenstion 1200*1000*2200mm
  • N.W 860Kg
  • Positioning Accuracy X,Y≤0.03mm/300mm
  • Repetability X,Y≤0.04mm/300mm


X,Y,Z 3-Axis CNC EDM Driller Bentchtop EDM Drilling Machine



1. The system adopts industrial grade PC controller and adopts the current mainstream win7 operating system.

2. The editing of drawings and the generation of processing files are all completed in one computer to improve production efficiency.

3. PC display also has touch function, convenient and fast, saving processing time.

4. Digital high frequency power supply, high efficiency, low consumption, and stability.

5. With power-down memory function, will not lose processing data in case of abnormal power failure.

6. No processing hole number limit, more holes only a few seconds to generate processing program files.

7. System modular structure design, each control module is highly integrated, the reliability is greatly improved, and it is easy to disassemble, repair and replace.

8. Tungsten steel circuit, processing tungsten steel speed up, copper tube consumption is less.

9. The alarm light sends a signal when the processing is abnormal.

10. X,Y,Z three-axis precision ball screw, linear guide.

11. Z-axis has a depth setting function and simple operation, X,Y,Z three-axis digital display.

12. The system software can use a variety of codes such as 3B code, G code, and NC code.

13. The X and Y axes are automatically locked after positioning, and can be unlocked manually.

Working Conditions:

1. Power supply: 3-phase 380V/240V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz±10%

2. Ambient temperature: 2℃-40℃;Recommended room temperature at 20℃±1℃

3. Relative humidity: ≦75% (no strong alkali, no strong magnetic field, no gas)

4. Machine noise level: ≤80db

5. The machine tool can work stably for a long time under the above working condition