Cutting Fluid Daily Maintenance Tips(2)

Cutting Fluid Daily Maintenance Tips(2)

4. Regularly clean the metal slag and sludge at the bottom of the cutting fluid tank. Types of metal slag for various machine tools are different, such as iron filings, aluminum filings, grinding debris, fine gravel powder, etc., and excessive accumulation of metal slag will affect the circulation of cutting fluid, even block the cutting fluid pipe, needs to be cleaned manually or with a chip/sludge removal removal machine. The chip/sludge removal machine replaces the traditional manual removal and saves labor. When working, the machine is free from downtime, easy to move, can be shared by multiple machines, and it is easy to clean a machine for 2 minutes.



5. Regularly clean the machine cooling system and replace the cutting fluid in time. When the cutting fluid deteriorates and smells after a period of use, the cutting fluid should be replaced at this time.


Keep the cutting fluid clean, and you can do more with one machine: it can make the machine run better, help the machining accuracy, and extend the service life of the machine and tool! why not!

Post time: 09-11-2019