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DK-908 EDM boremaskine Ø0.3-3mm Manuel løft (grundmodel)
Forarbejdning diameter hul er ∅0.3-∅3mm; Hul dybde og diameter ratio: 300: 1.Processing Hastighed: 20-60mm / min.It kan trænge fra skråning, camber eller hvilken som helst form overflade direkte.

DK-908 EDM boremaskine Ø0.3-3mm Manuel løft (grundmodel)

  • Arbejde Fluid Supply Device Elektrisk stempelpumpe
  • Maksimalt arbejdstryk Fluid Pressure 7 Mpa
  • Roterende hoved (C-akse) Hastighed 0 ~ 500 rpm
  • Maksimal indgangsspænding 3 * AC380 / 240V
  • Digtal Display Mode To-akse
  • Elektrode Diameter (mm) 0.3-3
  • Spindel (Z-akse) Maksimal hastighed 750 mm / min
  • Maksimal indgangseffekt 3.3 KVA
  • Maksimalt arbejdstryk Current 30A


0.3-3mm Desktop EDM Boring Machine DK-908 Manual Type

Why our EDM hole drilling machine is more effcient?

  1. Processing diameter of hole is ∅0.3-∅3mm; 

  2. Hole Depth and Diameter ratio: 300:1.

  3. Processing Speed: 20-60mm/min.

  4. It can penetrate from slope, camber or any shape surface directly.

  5. X and Y axes are equiped with a raster digital display system with 0.005mm resolution.

  6. The machine  has a water pump observation window to make it easier to observe and adjust pump pressure.

  7. The machine can also be used to move drill bits and taps that are broken in the work piece without damaging the original hole or threads.

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Shipping Note

The machine will be shipped by sea to your door.  Import duty is not included.  If you have your own forwarder in China, 

we could help deliver to your forwarder, the fright as listed will be deducted from your payment. Please message us if you have any questions. 


The machine could erode metal to obtain perforation by the high tempature generated by electrode and metal electrical discharges.

The spindle lifting  adopts stepper motor to achieve stable processing with tiny electrode.

Both the spindle lifting  and the secdonary lifting adopt linear guide, which can better ensure machining accuracy.

It can process stainless steel, hardened steel, hard alloy, copper, alumium and other conductive material.

Who we are?

In 2012, SFX researched and developed the portable EDM brudt hanen remover independently, aiming at solving the long time problems troubled the machinery manufacturing and machining enterprises. With super quality and competitive price, the SFX broken tap remover acquired sufficient patents and market recognition rapidly, which had been exported to more than 40 countries or area. SFX is also an original manufacture of CNC pulls studs, ER nuts, tool holder and related tools since 2004. In order to offer the timely solution and realize the service globalization , SFX has set up some warehouses at home and abroad. 2016, New Jersey,USA warehouse founded.2017, Moscow, Russia warehouse founded.  California, USA warehouse founded. 2018, Shanghai, China warehouse founded. Shenzhen, China warehouse founded.

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